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Are you stuck when it comes to money?

  • Can't get ahead?
  • Feel overwhelmed or uneducated about money?
  • Make more but still end up behind or just treading water?
  • Great at making it and just as good at disappearing it?
  • Stressed, worried or upset no matter how much you have?

I hear you. You are not alone. Most people have some version of these concerns when it comes to money.

The problem is that what you are being told - 'just make more' - is not the answer.

First, what if you've tried to make more money, but just can't seem to get off the financial hamster wheel?

Second, if you can, what's the point if you are still stressed, worried or have fear around money? Or, if after making more money (and working your butt off to do so) you are still behind every month?

Your Financial Thermostat (money mindset) determines how much money you can earn, and how much you can keep. It also determines your thoughts, feelings and emotions around money.

By resetting your Financial Thermostat, you can earn more, keep more and create a healthy relationship with money...and yourself!

Read what some of my past clients have to say.

Are you ready to reset your Financial Thermostat? Then I invite you to register for my FREE Masterclass where I reveal the 4 Keys to Reset your Financial Thermostat and create a healthy relationship to money...and yourself.

It just might be the most valuable click of your life.

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- Pericles Rellas


It is not an easy task, the topic of money never is, and each person’s results vary, but it is one that can reward you for the rest of your life.


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