Mar 13, 2020

Just Breathe.

If there is one thing I tell my clients to do on a regular basis it’s ‘Breathe’.

While it may sound silly, it is a fact that many of us forget to take deep, slow breaths during the normal course of our day. We get so stressed at work, at home, on social media, and now with a global pandemic, that we don’t stop and just breathe. We spend the day worried which is exacerbated by only taking short, shallow breaths.

The simple act of breathing deeply and slowly not only reduces stress and lowers our heart rate, it allows us to get grounded, present, and recharge. Placing your hands over your heart while breathing amplifies these benefits by connecting you to your heart as well. And when we are coming from our heart, the life we experience is always richer.

It is important that we take care of ourselves first. You simply can’t pour from an empty glass. And, when we are dealing with exceptional times like these, it is all the more important to stop and nurture yourself daily. Here are some suggestions:

  • Unplug from news and social media for several hours
  • Sit quietly and breathe or meditate
  • Listen to music
  • Spend (unplugged) time with family, friends and/or pets
  • Go to the beach and walk along the shore allowing the waves to wash over your feet
  • Take a hike in the forrest or mountains or just in a park
  • Take a long bath
  • Go for a walk or bike ride
  • Do anything that quiets your mind and allows you to disconnect from the current chaos

Don’t let excuses keep you from taking some action every day to nurture yourself. You deserve it. You need it. And the benefits will not just be for you, but for those you care for most.

Just Breathe.

See you on the other side,

Coach Pericles

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