How vs What - Access to Power

Jul 30, 2020

When we are faced with a problem, task or unexpected situation, more often than not, the first thing that goes through our mind is 'how am I going to deal with this, handle this or get through this?' While this may be the most logical, or familiar, phrase to most of us, it is not the most powerful way to approach it. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

The word 'how' is an abstraction that puts us in our head and sends us down a tunnel of worry, stress and upset. 'How' leaves us feeling powerless and hopeless as we struggle to deal with the situation before us. In other words, we can't wrap our minds around it so we are left in a spiral of fear, anxiety and overwhelm.

Rather than asking 'how' instead try asking yourself 'what'. What can I do? What actions can I take? What conversations can I have?, etc. The word 'what' takes it out of an abstraction and puts us in a state of action which moves us forward in managing the situation. As we take those actions, we see new opportunities and new actions that can be taken in the process of resolving the issue.

While my focus is the area of resetting your Financial Thermostat, this simple shift in language can make a huge difference in any area of your life. The next time you are faced with a problem and hear yourself ask 'how', catch it and then ask 'what'. It will give you power in dealing with whatever you are facing and allow you to move forward in resolving it by taking specific actions rather than spending time lost in your head.

 See you on the other side,

Coach Pericles

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