Money Conversations That Have You!

Dec 10, 2019

In the course of striving to have an abundant life full of prosperity, we oftentimes have uncomfortable conversations about money. We try to avoid them if we can, but in the end, we must force ourselves to suffer through those sometimes painful, yet important conversations.

One thing I have noticed in over 25 years as a coach is that more times than not, the conversations are having us rather than us having them. Much like a rollercoaster, the bar goes down, and while it may cause a multitude of emotions, the ride is always the same from start to finish. There is no way to deviate from the set path, nor alter its final destination. The same is true for these money conversations that we have with ourselves and others. The conversation starts and there may be fear, or other emotions, but the path of the conversation and its final conclusion are set.

This is what I mean when I say ‘The conversation is having us'. The words might be different, even the emotions may vary, but the end result is the same each time.

I don’t have enough’

‘I’m not good with money’

‘It’s always something’

‘I’m not worth it’

‘I don’t care, I’m buying it anyway,’

Fill in your favorite here:____________________

These automatic conversations then run the show rather than you creating something new around your own abundance and prosperity.

By catching when a conversation is having you, you can actually stop the ride and begin to create a new conversation about having an abundant life. When we have new thoughts and new conversations, we are actually creating the world we live in rather than just repeating the same old ride.

It is as easy (and difficult) as that. Next time you have a conversation about money, see if you can actually have the conversation rather than it having you. If you can, you will have unlocked one of the most powerful secrets to having an abundant life full of prosperity.

See you on the other side,

Coach Pericles


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