The Flow of Money

Jan 20, 2021

When it comes to money, most of us look at it as something that comes to us and then goes away from us. We hope that what comes to us is greater than what goes away, but more often than not, well...not.

Consider for a moment that this construct of the flow of money is actually incomplete. What if money actually flows in a circle - to us, through us, away from us, then back around to us again, with a reservoir on the side that we get to keep? 

Since money flows in this Universal circle, then it stands to reason that a block anywhere in that flow is a block everywhere in that flow. A block in the flow away from us ultimately blocks the flow coming back to us and so on.

For those who are tracking so far, you might be asking 'what do those blocks look like'? That is a great question. Let's take a look.

Let's say someone resents the wealthy, thinks that money is evil, or hates their job, those would be examples of blocks in the flow of money coming to us. Hating to spend money, or always paying others late are blocks in the flow of money away from us. In both situations, the result is a block in the flow everywhere and ultimately in the reservoir on the side that we get to keep.

While these are just a couple of examples of what blocks in the flow of money can look like, they illustrate that blocks can exists in both our mindset and our actions.

Still with me? Great. You may now be asking 'what can I do to clear those blocks'? I say again, 'great question'. Let's dive deeper.

The first step is to recognize your blocks. This requires being present to your ongoing conversations and actions with and around money. As you act, speak, or think about money, look to see if that is a potential block. This is easier said than done, as most of us have mindsets and behaviors around money that can be years or even decades old, making them part of the fabric of our lives.

When you do notice something that is a block, you can now clear that block. If it is a mindset block, e.g. 'I think money is evil', then notice that old conversation and actively let it go. You must acknowledge it first and get really clear about this mindset and then say 'I no longer believe that and I am letting it go'. You may have to repeat this over and over and over again, but eventually, it will diminish as will the block.

With action blocks, it is the same process of noticing, acknowledging and then letting it go. But you then much stop the action as well.

As you engage in this exercise, you may find that you have many, many blocks in the flow of money. That is the good news. The great news is as you clear those blocks, you will find that the flood gates have opened and money begins to flow to you more easily and abundantly. 

Enjoy the process and remember to go easy on yourself. An easy pitfall is to start beating yourself up as you notice your blocks. Bad human - don't do that. LOL. Make a game out of it. Have fun with it. And most importantly, remember why you are doing this - to create a better flow of money in your life.

I will see you on the other side,

- Coach Pericles

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